What’s TheAbsentBox anyway?

They boxed us in (read: we let ourselves be boxed). Box-shaped brains were everywhere to be seen.

Time passed, as is its wont.

Soon it was time for saying something. Something apparently better. So they said: Think out of the box.

We needed prodding. Prodded, we stepped out of our boxes.

A very long time passed.

Out in the open, we looked around and pondered. Realisation gradually dawned. And we finally announced: There is no box.

They vanished.

We now stand tall and foursquare.


That’d probably be the world’s shortest story of a sort-of, kind-of enlightenment. But that’s beside the point. The point: There is no box.

And in the absence of a box, there’s only a vast playing field for us to, well, play in. What will you choose to play?


What are the job/career options for an M.Sc. graduate other than teaching and research [1]? This is essentially the question I’ll try to answer in this blog. I hope to create a repository of sorts of what exists out there; perhaps the kind of options that do not gather much eyeballs. Maybe, something here would ignite a spark in your mind and again maybe, you’d be encouraged to do the thing that’s authentically you even if it means taking the road less traveled-by.

So, that’s the long and short of TheAbsentBox.

Welcome, aboard! Hop on over to the main page and see if there’s anything that interests you.

Got questions, comments, suggestions? Send them in.

My name is Sangeetha Balakrishnan. I teach Chemistry at the PG level.

Opinions expressed are mine. Sources will be referenced. Brainwashing doesn’t exist in my dictionary [2].

[1] I have nothing against teaching and research. I am intimately associated with both; my bread and butter idli and sambar come from these very endeavours.

[2] I scratched the word out.


2 Comments on “What’s TheAbsentBox anyway?”

  1. Science – NOT in my wheel house. But I dig the way you write and what you said here. So I really look forward to following, reading, and, I’m sure, learning a lot.


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