Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions – an Assignment OER

Someone in the know started teaching middle school chemistry about an year ago. A few months into the job, she needed help with her unit on exothermic and endothermic reactions. She specifically needed a classroom assignment to gauge her students’ understanding of the unit. The following is what I came up with to help her meet her goal.

This file lay dormant in my folder since then. I thought it would make a good post on day ‘E’ of the A to Z blog challenge.

Chemists, chemistry educators and you fine people – what do you think of the assignment?


Forensic Science Lecture Material: Body Fluids

Forensic Science Lecture Material: Body Fluids

Download link: Body Fluids

And here are the two videos we discussed in class on luminol action.

Forensic Science Lecture Material: Fibers and Hair

Forensic Science Lecture Material: Fibers and Hair

Download link: Fibers and Hair

Forensic Science Lecture Material: Explosives

Forensic Science Lecture Material: Explosives

Download link: Explosives

Here are the two videos that set the tone for our discussion on Explosives.

The first, from one of the movies I love, The Hurt Locker.

And this, a brief discussion on the Boston bombings. Specifically on IEDs. Pressure cooker bombs, in this case.

Forensic Science Lecture Material: Fire and Arson

Forensic Science Lecture Material: Fire and Arson

Download link: Fire and Arson

Forensic Science Lecture Material: Glass

Lecture Material on Glass.

Download Link: Glass

Forensic Science Lecture Material – 16 December and 22 December, 2016

Appended below is the PowerPoint file I used in class today. We will be continuing with the same file on 22 December, 2016.

Topics covered here:
How do fingerprints form?
Types of fingerprints
Detection and Visualisation of Latent Fingerprints
Chemical Methods of Development of Latent Fingerprints:

  • Iodine fumigation
  • Silver nitrate method
  • Ninhydrin method
  • Cyanoacrylate (superglue) fuming

The PowerPoint file can be downloaded below.