Artificial Radioactivity

The final screencast that I made for my Nuclear Chemistry class was on Artificial Radioactivity. The same is linked here.


The screencast and the quiz that followed it was administered in the same way as described here.

The quiz this time around isn’t objective. Here it follows. Nuclear Chemistry Quiz 2



Introduction to Nuclear Chemistry

I was at Bangalore for a workshop as the semester began. So, to keep my students constructively engaged in my absence, I made the two screencasts in this post and the one in the post after this. The idea was to have them watch these in the class, and attempt a couple of Quiz assignments, but for some reasons this could not be done.

Anyway, back in my class I made use of these three screencasts to set up a flipped classroom, though with a difference. I plan to put up a separate post on flipped classroom, but for the moment this is what transpired in my Nuclear Chemistry classroom.

I divided the class into two batches.

(i) The first batch (11 students) was given time to watch the two videos linked here. Following this they attempted a quiz. Since this was all an objective set of questions, and the number of students in the batch was not too big, a quick perusal of the answers was done, and a just-in-time lecture was delivered based on the performance of the students. Now the students attempted the same quiz one more time.

(ii) The second batch (13 students), on the other hand, was taught the content in the video in the traditional chalk-and-board way. And they too attempted the same quiz.

I have the data from the quiz attempted by both the batches of the students. Will put up the results in due course.

Here are the screencasts and the Quiz assignment.

Screencast 1


Screencast 2


The Quiz assignment based on the two screencasts follows below.

Nuclear Chemistry Quiz 1

The key to the quiz is here: Nuclear Chemistry Quiz 1_Key