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If you had asked me a couple of years ago where I lived, my answer would have been: in my head. No, I haven’t moved out of there; I have only made room for words. That is to say, words are my constant companions now. Up until a few years ago, words were welcome there, but they were those relatives who couldn’t overstay. Things changed over time. Words are that companion now, that I don’t need to take out for a walk at 5:00 in the morning; they are instead those companions that let me drink from them. They let me feel their nooks and centres. They introduce me to their friends, and show me the curls and the slants and the slopes of letters. It’s because of them I can dangle from the tail of a comma, move along the bridge of a hyphen, tag along with an apostrophe, get ensconced by inverted commas, wonder at an exclamation point, ponder with a question mark, gape at a colon, stare at a semi colon, piggyback on an ellipsis and imagine reprieve in the period. They are, as you can see, letting me play.

Words introduced me to writing. On a good day, we play well. On not so good days, the blank computer screen plays well.

The following resulted from what I think were good days with words and writing.

Published in The Wire, March 21, 2017

Published in The Wire, September 22, 2016

Published in Science Reporter, July 2016, pg 39

(An article on Towel Day, in memory of Douglas Adams.)

Published in The Asian Age (Deccan Chronicle), May 24, 2016

Published in The Asian Age (Deccan Chronicle), May 9, 2016

  • Finding my own Walden in Seoul

Gold Prize Winner – 13th Seoul Essay Contest, 2009.
(An essay competition organised by Seoul city for expatriates in S. Korea.)


Earthbound words on a flight of fancy. ETA: Uncertain
Published in The Machinery – A Literary Collection, May 2016


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